World Meeting Rock Machine MC

In November, members of the International Chapter of Rock Machine MC gathered in sunny Alanya, Turkey. Present were club representatives from Germany, Sweden, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Australia and the USA.

The meeting was preceded by a visit by the world Lt in the United States on the loss of our brother Ranger1%, who lost his life in a motorcycle accident. We greatly regret this loss and will preserve the memory of our brother forever. True to its motto, the club stands together in life and death. Even in the deepest darkness there is always a ray of light and a reason to be happy, as is the case with the Rock Machine MC.

We congratulate our National President USA on his engagement and upcoming wedding. While the US club continues to grow in 8 states and Europe, there are also some unsightly things to mention.

Despite numerous offers to talk, the following chapters and countries from the Rock Machine family are excluded: Chapter Death Squad, Belgium Russia, Armenia, Canada.

In 2020, the Europa Run will take place again in Germany. There will also be brothers and friends from the USA and Australia.

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