Welcome to Rock Machine MC

Rock Machine, or Rock Machine M.C., is an international outlaw motorcycle club with chapters all over the world. It was formed in 1986 by Salvatore Cazzetta, a former friend of Hells Angels Quebec chapter president Maurice Boucher, and competed with the Hells Angels for the street-level drug trade in Montreal.


In approximately 1982, Salvatore Cazzetta was a member of the „SS“, a white supremacist motorcycle gang based in Pointe-aux-Trembles, on the eastern tip of the Island of Montreal. Fellow SS member Maurice Boucher became friends with Cazzetta and, as leaders of the gang, the pair became candidates to join the Hells Angels when the gang expanded into Canada.

Future Rock Machine leader Fred Faucher later said, „Sal once told me, ‚Those guys [Hells Angels], they operate their club in such a way that I didn’t want to join them'“ Rock Machine members chose not to wear Hells Angels-style leather vests that could easily identify members, and instead wore rings displaying an eagle insignia   The official Rock Machine club motto is „A La Vie A La Mort“, or „To the Life To Death


The Rock Machine was reopened in early April 2008 by several disgruntled members of the now-defunct Bandidos Canada „No Surrender Crew“, who reorganized it as the Rock Machine Canada Nomads. The move was intended as an insult towards the Bandidos US national chapter and Bandidos National President Jeffrey Pike in particular, but gained unexpected momentum.